Idea execution audit 2011


I just came across this info-graphic by the 99 percent, as I was poking around for some inspiration for a current project. 99% took a poll to ask questions like “How do creative projects really get pushed forward? What tools are you using to manage your time and energy? And: Are the ways we live and work as creative professionals undergoing major changes?” I probably shouldn’t be writing a post right now, as my brain is fried, but I found it interesting to see how I compare with the 99% community.

I also found interesting that 53% of designers rework their original ideas at least 5 times. For me, it varies; I might rework an idea for a client at around 3 times but when I design for myself I usually get bored or think I can do better, which ends up becoming a never-ending process.

You can download the pdf of the info-graphic here.

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