It’s been a really long time since I posted anything. A really, really long time. Here’s the story: back in April, light years ago in consideration of how much I’ve done since then, my best friend invited me on the trip of a lifetime. We started in Venezia and worked our way to Roma, followed by a week in Toscana. My next several posts will highlight the places we saw, the things we did, and the food we ate on a two and a half week spectacular journey by land and by sea.

Our time in Venice was short, rainy, and completely charming. We arrived just in time to walk to dinner at a local cafe, where the wine was rich, the lamb was fresh, and where I fell comfortably into immediate, wholehearted love with Europe.
(I also got my first taste of the brilliance of Italian tomatoes and Italian meal-culture, which I gladly enjoyed at every opportunity.)

The next morning, following a gondola ride that thrilled me over and over, we walked the streets and alleys of Venice with no particular destination in mind until it was time to bid a bittersweet adieu. Though I still had over two weeks of Italian tomatoes, rich wine, and incomprehensible adventures ahead of me, boarding a boat to Croatia on a rainy August day in Venice, I knew: I’m far from done with this city.

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