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It’s sometimes hard to imagine that there actually are people out there who strive to make a difference each and every day. Alli D. Seigel is one of those¬†inspirational¬†people.¬†First, her blog 365DaysOfGoodness.com caught my¬†eye, and gave me the¬†sinking feeling that I’m not doing nearly enough to help¬†the causes that I care so deeply about.

Alli and her husband then embarked upon a volunteer mission to South America (dubbed Random Acts of Travel), where they sought to donate their time helping children. Though their organized volunteer programs often came up short, they created their own ways of helping throughout Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, and other neighbors to the South.

Now, Alli has taken on a new mission: Project Goodness.¬†This non-profit organization is dedicated to¬†creating programs in schools to teach children the benefit of being kind to each other and that even the smallest deed counts. Why hasn’t someone recognized the importance of this before? I wish¬†Alli all of the success in the world with this project, and I solemnly vow to do what I can to contribute.

You, too, can help by voting for¬†Project Goodness¬†HERE to help Alli¬†receive $25,000 from¬†the Pepsi Refresh Project.¬†I’m a die-hard¬†Coke girl, but for this¬†I will make an exception.

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words Lizzie–Project Goodness and I truly appreciate it!!

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