Brooklyn Bike Jumble


From Saturday April 10, 2010 to Wednesday June 30th the Brooklyn Bike Jumble takes place at the Old Stone House. Vendors will be lined up selling all sorts of bike parts and paraphernalia, and you can also learn about some of history of cycling in NYC.

“An exhibit at the Old Stone House that will tell the story of the Coney Island Velodrome, New York‚Äôs last commercial velodrome. As¬†I started researching this exhibit, one thing that struck me was just how far off the radar the track had ended up. Not one history of Coney Island mentioned the track, and it was a 10,000 seat arena right by the subway station! Come to the exhibit and see bikes, programs and pictures of the track. Lets not forget the rich history of cycling in New York.”

I will probably be headed there this Sunday in search of a few last things I need to start a new bike build for Mk. Keep your eyes peeled for that post.

Visit nybikejumble.com for more info. Thanks to Mike for reminding me.

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