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I first became a David Choe fan when I saw the Vice Guide to Travel, an absolute¬†must-see (and a steal of a deal for only $20 I might add).¬† The Guide is a series of mini documentaries¬†on topics ranging from the Chernobyl meltdown and¬†dirty bombs in Bulgaria (particularly how easy they are to buy), to the Favelas of Rio and¬†Choe’s segment, the Congo. It is at once harrowing, cleverly presented, and entertaining. Seriously. See it.

Always the Vice groupie, I caught¬†the word that¬†Choe has an exhibition in his hometown and mine, Los Angeles!¬†Hoping to make it out to Lazarides in Beverly Hills to see¬†it for myself.¬†His show, “Nothing to Declare,” will be on display until May 23.

Great interview with¬†Choe here.¬† My¬†favorite quote: when asked if being Korean-American has affected his art, Choe replied, “Of course you big dummy! I don‚Äôt have to squint my eyes when I‚Äôm painting small details because they already squinty.” I love it.

See Choe’s work at:¬†¬†320 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills.
Photo via: mymodernmet.

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