the fantastic mr. fox


I finally caught this movie a few nights ago. Considering the blend of talent that went into The Fantastic Mr. Fox, there was no doubt in my mind that it would be anything but amazing.¬†Start with¬†Roald Dahl’s quirky fables, well known and loved by all,¬†stir in Wes Anderson’s dark, so-down-to-earth-it’s-below-ground¬†humor, and in my mind¬†you’ve already got¬†a winner. Add in personal heartthrob and Anderson muse Jason Schwartzman, not to mention the omnipotent¬†George Cloony¬†and Meryl Streep. Mix¬†everything up with¬†a touch of¬†the Great One—Bill Murray, of course—and¬†you’ve achieved stop-action animation perfection.

Not only were the writing, animation,¬†and casting spot-on in this one, but¬†Anderson managed to artfully¬†adapt a¬†children’s story into¬†a¬†relevant, semi-adult, semi-dark comedy. Anderson fleshed out the original Mr. Fox story to include a dysfunctional fox family, references to the current¬†housing crisis, and as always, the fat¬†cat farmers hating on everyone. Political commentary, anyone?

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