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Venice, once shunned by Los Angeles as the “Slum by the Sea,”¬†has undergone a dramatic transformation – most notably Abbot Kinney Boulevard, stretching from Broadway to Venice Boulevard.¬†Abbot Kinney, named for the tobacco mogul who founded Venice,¬†features a diverse collection of galleries, restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as festivals and community events.

One such community event is Abbot Kinney First Fridays. Think block party meets endless gourmet food trucks (yes, gourmet food trucks – a recent LA phenomenon) meets wine tasting meets art galleries. I had the pleasure of attending the event, including the Shag-alicious party (free PBR!), and I wish they would do this every week. I ate at five food trucks, had a few free beers, enjoyed the stores and just being outside. It was so refreshing to experience unadulterated LA – diverse crowd, great food, excellent weather, and beach smell.

Sidenote: since the food trucks were so abundant and delicious at First Friday, I didn’t get a chance to try any restaurants. I have it on good authority that this place is the business. I’ll find out when I go for birthday lunch and report back.

The next First Friday event will be held April 2. Check here for more info.

Thanks MK for the photo.

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